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There Are Some Legal Stuff To Know

MYP Online Marketing Ltd may also be referred to as MYP Ltd, The MYP, MYP™ (Logo), Mauritius Yellow Pages, Yellow Pages™ or any of its applications. MYP Network Partners are individuals or entities legally registered as a business thus, holding a BRN (Business Registration Number) in Mauritius or equivalent in another country.

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MYP : Advertising Terms and Conditions MYP : Terms of Service and Use MYP : Privacy Policy

Mauritius Yellow Pages™ ( s an independent online national directory publisher (Business listing, specialised trade listing, advertising and trading platform). Mauritius Yellow Pages™ (MYP) is not affiliated with any other "Yellow Pages'' companies that might be found online and is not affiliated with AT&T or ANY other online directories that use the word "Yellow Pages'' even they have no trademark or legal right to publish their online directory under the name of "Yellow Pages". Yellow Pages is not affiliated with the printed version published by Mauritius Telecom “MT Yellow Pages”, even Mauritius Telecom has NO trademark or legal right to publish their Directory Book under "Yellow Pages". MYP holds the Trademark of Yellow Pages, MYP and others marks.

Abt associated website, portals, application associated, published or administered by MYP or a MYP Network Partner are obligated to clearly display the logo of MYP™ and/or MYP Network Partners, Copyright symbols, and copyright statement including link to

MYP Network Partners, Associates, Connections, and affiliated companies' logos, and all their related marks, are trademarks contained herein and are the property of their respective owners.

MYP cannot be held responsible for misuse of the name "Mauritius Yellow Pages", "Yellow Pages" or the Logo of Mauritius Yellow Pages by any third party. MYP™ have the sole right to take any action, including legal, when they become aware of any misuse.

The MYP™ provides a service for businesses, professionals, organisations, associations, government, official bodies and public persons, to publish their business, brand and promote their products and services online. These services are subject to verification that cannot be waived

This page “legal policies” forms part of Terms of Services and Privacy Policy that covers MYP, It applications, services including; ecommerce and mobile based services and apps, Network Partners and partner services or affiliations. By signing up (electronically) or accessing or otherwise using the MYP Ltd’s service(s) or using any of the content available within the products and services, or downloading, installing, or using any of MYP’s applications, you agree to be bound by the following:

The applicable terms of service for the product(s) or service(s) The terms found on our "Terms of Service" page; and The privacy policy found on our "Privacy Policy" pages; and That you have read these documents, as together they form a binding agreement between you and MYP Online Marketing Ltd regarding your use of the applicable service(s) and product(s). MYP Terms and Conditions : Terms of Service and Use MYP Privacy Policy : Privacy Policy MYP Mobile End-User Licence Agreements.

Legal Notices

The following are various legal notices that MYP Online Marketing Ltd is obligated to provide by law and/or by contract. The Legal Notices are incorporated by reference into the MYP’s Terms of Use and Application End-User Licence Agreements (where applicable).

Data provided by and company listed and linked on, to or from, MYP's network or the worldwide web, for where MYP can obtain data from including Concert and events information may be provided by local service providers such as Otayo or international or obtained from the event holder or from public announcements and/or publications. Google Earth and MapPoint Terms of Use Google Earth and MapPoint Privacy Policy Data provided by any company/application that tracks online users' behaviour or other data collecting and/or user tracking application including Google Analytics.

Pricing and Value Added Tax (VAT)

As a company that aims to provide a platform for the business community to promote and sell online (ecommerce) with many additional services; MYP Ltd cannot be-held liable" to collect or pay VAT (Value Added Tax) for the merchant. We highly recommend that all merchants adhere to the tax regulations and apply good business practices.

Part of MYP’s terms and conditions includes that any trader, merchant or entity, is to provide their Business Registration Number (BRN), which is applicable for any person or entity to obtain if they trade any service(s) or product(s), to be published as part of MYP free and paid subscribed services. It is also compulsory to provide a VAT (Value Added Tax) number upon signup, or confirm that trading individuals or entities are VAT exempted.

MYP will abide by the Laws of the Republic of Mauritius, and will charge VAT if and when it is applicable on any service or product that MYP offers, which is provided in Mauritius by MYP, as its own services.

MYP Ltd has established, and will continue to provide products and services in collaboration with International partners, as part of its aim to deliver high quality solutions and products to its members and business account holders. As our international partners' services, solutions, and products are promoted worldwide excluding VAT and when sold VAT is added according to the respective country where the purchase is taking place. When or Where services provided by or through MYP are VAT included for Mauritius. This will be clearly displayed on the invoice facilitating VAT registered businesses to keep a good VAT record.

International partner pricing is in various currencies, mainly Euros and US Dollars, in which case the respective currency may be displayed in MUR or indicative in MUR. Where purchase is conducted in foreign currency, daily exchange rate will be applied.

Note that discount only applies where payment conditions and terms are upheld by the client. MYP has the right to cancel discounts given, and claim full amounts from a customer that is in breach of payment conditions and terms, not excluding any cost and fees related to debt collection


Below are links to the MYP™ Advertising Terms and Conditions. There may be other policies and terms that are not listed that apply to certain MYP product(s) or service(s). The terms below include important contractual provisions you should know about, including Performance Disclaimers, Directory Distribution Disclaimers, Advertiser's Warranties as to Advertiser's Intellectual Property Rights, Advertiser Indemnity Obligations, Forum and Venue Limitations and Limitations on MYP's Liability. If you do not find the applicable policies regarding your specific product(s) or service(s) please contact MYP's Customer Us. Discounts or additional discounts may apply to published price lists, based on the volume and mix of products and services purchased, purchasing history, ad placement/category, directory usage and other factors.