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Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.

MYP have been among the leaders in digital marketing for a long time and with no signs of the industry slowing down, we aim to continue well into the future.

MYP Online Marketing Ltd (MYP) is an innovative, progressive, Limited Liability Company offering comprehensive online marketing solutions and services to Corporations, Companies, SMEs, Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Franchisees across Mauritius and Rodrigues.

Following the soft re-launch of Mauritius Yellow Pages (under Yellow.MU), the portfolio of services and websites within its network were reviewed, re-developed and expanded to provide further support for SMEs and Entrepreneurs, and in particular female entrepreneurs. MYP also identified the need for a Franchise Network and therefore logically combined these two ventures, while taking the same approach within its own organisation.

MYP does not provide "boxed" solutions but embraces revolutionary technology and software, and seeks to integrate these innovations, and/or custom design them to fit the exclusive needs of each client and in particular start-up businesses and "Entrepreneurs". To this end we have created customised packages to be able to provide a special price for comprehensive services and give entrepreneurs and SME’s an overview of costs so they can plan their budgets accordingly. These packages also establish a basis that clients can use to understand what is needed on a global level to effectively run their business, but can also discuss any services that they do not require or may need extra support with.

MYP have also taken the initiative to help Start-ups and Entrepreneurs to obtain seed funds and investment by establishing an online platform for them to sign up to and for investors seeking projects to invest in. We have a small group of professionals that evaluate and guide the Start-ups and Entrepreneurs before presenting their project to potential investor(s). We have already had success with this program that was introduced mid 2017.

We welcome and seek a dynamic spectrum of clients; from standard businesses to extraordinary ultramodern, leading edge entrepreneurial ventures.

With the expansion of the MYP network it is important we have a team of committed staff, who always strive to deliver the best services possible. The MYP team consists of both young professionals and those with long term business and online marketing experience. This fusion of innovation and experience creates high quality, progressive, comprehensive online marketing solutions for MYP

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Our mission is to build a foundation on intellectual technology capital; where we, with our partners and clients, develop specific tools and methodologies custom tailored to your and others business needs.

The MYP goals are:

- To use the new Yellow Pages (yellow.mu) concept to establish the connection between consumers and vendors by creating and maintaining a quick and user-friendly portal accessible to all.
- To continuously innovate and add new features to our services, making Yellow Pages the leading online directory and marketing service provider within the Indian Ocean under YellowPages.IO.
- To provide a reliable and authoritative platform where entrepreneurs can connect with franchisors seeking investors.
-To be the leading online resource for franchise opportunities within the Indian Ocean.
- To be a facilitator for women to start their own business.
- To take a comprehensive approach to every project; be with you every step of the way and throughout the lifecycle of your technology.

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The MYP company vision is to realise the expansion of our network to cover all the countries and territories within the Indian Ocean, and increase awareness of them, through franchise opportunities and online marketing services with our progressive Yellow Pages platform as the foundation.

On a social and cultural level we also seek to negate years of patriarchal dominance by enabling the growth of female entrepreneurship within Mauritius and the wider Indian Ocean to bring the region up to par with Western countries.

To help realise this vision, MYP itself seeks to become a female-led company by discovering women with the entrepreneurial spirit to become share-holding decision-makers within the organisation

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Our industry is perpetually evolving, and we ourselves have evolved with it over the years. Mauritius Yellow Pages (MYP) started in 1996, supporting businesses to become visible online and facilitating their connection with consumers. Subsequently, we introduced website design and development, and now, 20 years later, we help businesses and brands execute every level of digital marketing.

In 2014, our creative thinking director decided to start the redevelopment of the yellow pages’ platform, and business structure to become an innovative and progressive company, with the aim of developing our network to expand into the Indian Ocean, and start a franchise concept for the YP platform.

In 2015, Mauritius Yellow Pages received a facelift, and at the same time a couple of new features were introduced. In 2016, the soft launch of the new Yellow Pages platform (Yellow.MU) introduced business listings with additional marketing options and features including QR codes and YellowMail; and we are now entering into the second phase of development with December 2017 being the time when our platform will have integrated the latest technologies with public information and a greater number of services, in addition to advanced search features for the consumers and commercial features for businesses. As MYP matured into a regionally recognised name, we have cultivated partnerships in the industry, which in turn has strengthened the power of our network and helped us to provide additional services to our clients.

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